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Ukay- ukay 3-day Sale! Fund Raising Campaign

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Posted 24 November 2013 - 10:52 PM

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At least seven children in Orlando, Fla., happen to be diagnosed with serious cases of kidney failure, and investigators are attempting to figure out if their illnesses are associated with local petting zoos, the Orlando Sentinel reported Thursday.Officials are checking to determine if the children were sickened by bacteria that can be found in animal feces. Sources besides petting zoos also are being investigated, officials told the newspaper, including exposure to contaminated food or beverages.A neighborhood station places the number of children in Florida who have recently contracted kidney-harming bacteria at nine. And nutritionists are concerned that number could climb.The youngsters have been diagnosed with a rare disorder called hemolytic uremic syndrome, which then causes the kidneys to malfunction. At least five of the seven victims are classified by critical condition at area hospitals, with one child on dialysis, the Sentinel said. 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Thirteen days after they were separated, the formerly conjoined twins Erin and Jade Buckles were released from the hospital Friday — several weeks prior to expected.The 4-month old girls headed home to Woodbridge, Va., from Children's National Medical Center, where they were separated June 19."We'll disconnect the phone, disconnect the doorbell and simply enjoy our family for a few days," said their father, Kevin Buckles, with a news conference shortly before the family left the hospital.Buckles, a gunnery sergeant in the Marine Corps, said he'd hoped they would be home for that Fourth of July but didn't expect the ladies to be released so soon after surgery. Lead surgeon Dr. Gary Hartman had estimated the girls would remain in the hospital for around a few weeks.But they healed so swiftly which they did not need to stay, he explained. On Thursday, the girls took a bunch of their food through their mouths the first time, which showed they could be released through the hospital, Hartman said.Doctors will meet with the family and the girls Tuesday at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., the place that the twins were born Feb. 26, five to six weeks early.The identical twins was joined from their chests to their abdomens. They shared a liver, the other baby's heart rested horizontally, protruding to the other girl's chest cavity. Surgery to separate them took six hours and left the women with a 14-centimeter scar from chest to abdomen.They were in critical but stable condition at the hospital following surgery and were taken off ventilators after three or four days. They recovered in separate ICU units. They will sleep in the same crib in your house.The girls will undergo physical and occupational therapy and may need some other therapy also, Hartman said, adding that he were not sure if other surgeries could be needed.Hartman said there might be some delay in reaching their baby milestones, but when they turn one, they will be on track with normal one-year-olds.The family also includes an 11-year-old son, Kevin Jr., plus a 2-year-old daughter, Taylor."It's so surreal still to hold one at a time," said their mother, Melissa Buckles. grey bailey button uggs Meanwhile, the firefighter union said the action against Beckmann, who is expected to appeal, is excessive. "We will immediately file an entice an independent arbitrator," said union president Rowan Taylor using a statement. "We anticipate that the case will probably be heard within the next few months. Your choice of the independent arbitrator will be final and binding."

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Posted 24 November 2013 - 10:53 PM

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2. Diet: One course of action is to reduce calories and adhere to a low-fat diet. According to the American Heart Association, your overall fat intake should be no over 30 percent of total calories. What lots of people don't realize is that means your overall fat intake for a week - not for every single food item. mulberry discount store Computer and printer maker Hewlett-Packard Co. is slashing approximately 6,000 jobs, about 6.6 percent of its global work force, as a result of deteriorating global economic conditions and related weakness in technology spending.The company also said Thursday it expects revenues to the third quarter ending July 31 will decline 14 percent to 16 percent in the same time last year.Employment's online help guide to help you Get a Job."Economies around the world still weaken as we move through the quarter," Carly Fiorina, HP chairman and us president, said in a statement. "Our consumer company is being particularly hard hit with revenues expected to be down 24 percent."Fiorina said H-P expects the cuts to result in a savings of about $500 million annually.The Palo Alto, Calif., company claimed it has also taken additional short-term actions to help keep expenses down. One such action, a voluntary payroll saving program, is expected to save approximately $130 million through out the year, the company said. More than 80,000 employees provided to take pay cuts or use additional vacation days in an effort to trim costs.As of early July, the business employed about 90,000 people worldwide.In other economic news:Government entities reported U.S. jobless claims for your week ended July 21 slipped to 366,000 — well underneath the 405,000 claims analysts had expected typically — from a revised 417,000 claims from the prior week. Americans' wages and benefits grew by a smaller-than-expected 0.9 percent in the second quarter, suggesting the weak economy is translating into less generous compensation for workers. The increase in compensation was smaller than the fir percent increase many analysts were forecasting and also the weakest since the fourth quarter of last year, when compensation also rose by 0.9 percent.The Commerce Department said orders for costly product which, such as cars, fell by 2 percent in June, after a 2.7 percent rise, suggesting that manufacturers, who had been hardest hit by the yearlong economic slowdown, always struggle.The White House asserted Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill has jurisdiction over the U.S. dollar policy buthat President Bush will speak out because he sees fit. Click here to understand more about jobs in America. © MMI, CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press and Reuters Limited caused this report
Ratcheting the latest dispute up another notch, Saddam Hussein has suspended cooperation with U.N. weapons inspectors, reports CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin . The move will make it impossible to finish the job of accounting for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. However, Saddam stopped less than actually kicking the inspectors out, saying they'd be allowed to continue monitoring sites where they have set up surveillance cameras. In the mean time, the White House seems determined never to get worked up about it."We've heard this bluster before. We've seen this petulance before," said White House Spokesman P.J. Crowley. U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan met Wednesday with Chief Weapons Inspector Richard Butler just away from Baghdad where talks broke down when Tariq Aziz demanded Butler announce that Iraq has gotten rid of its weapons of mass destruction."I said I cannot do that without the evidence," said Butler. "I posess zero magic wand. It has to be determined by evidence." Saddam on Wednesday demanded that Butler changed, and that the headquarters from the inspection team be moved beyond New York to get away from U.S. influence. Saddam also wants the current team of inspectors "reformed," meaning its more aggressive members needs to be fired.Everybody is tired of these disputes, that is certainly probably what Saddam is relying upon -- that the U.N. will decide the inspections have become more trouble than they're worth and let Saddam at the very least part of the way off the hook.Reported by David Martin©1998, CBS Worldwide Inc., All Rights Reserved Audray McGinness is being prepped for a fantastic voyage. It is a voyage that will take place inside her body. "You're gonna put this on your tongue," says a nurse. A voyage that until now could only be imagined in the science fiction movie.
"To get to 100, to visit the extra 20 years or so, I'd say you will need these genetic booster rockets or these special genes," said Dr. Thomas Perls of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. Ugg Bailey Button If Osama bin Laden is alive it really is "almost impossible" for him to be in Pakistan, President Gen. Pervez Musharraf said Monday."I can't say without a doubt whether he is dead or alive," Musharraf told a news conference in Islamabad. "One thing Most likely about is that he can not be in Pakistan."Musharraf, speaking after a ending up in Thailand's Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, said that if bin Laden was alive he'd be traveling with a large number of supporters for security, which such a group would be very easy to spot.For "a large body of folks, it is not possible to have sanctuary in Pakistan," Musharraf said. "He can't be hiding in one small corner of Pakistan ... remaining there without found is almost impossible."The statement came 2 days after authorities intensified hunts for suspected Muslim extremists in hideouts from hectic downtowns to craggy mountainsides, using wanted posters, reward offers and growing military force.Inside the largest deployment against al Qaeda since Pakistani government pledged support recently for the U.S.-led war on terror, more than 3,000 Pakistani soldiers searched mountainsides, houses and vehicles near the Afghan border Saturday.The troops, backed by helicopters and U.S. intelligence, have arrested no less than 20 men since Wednesday, when fighters considered to be from al Qaeda clashed with Pakistani troops, killing 10 troops.In Karachi police released photos of 11 militants suspected in recent deadly bombings and also the kidnap-slaying of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, and offered rewards totaling $320,000 for help in their capture.It was the first time authorities had named suspects from the June 14 blast outside the U.S. consulate in Karachi that killed 12 Pakistanis, and in the May 8 car bombing outside the Karachi Sheraton Hotel that killed 11 French engineers and three other people, including the bomber.Provincial police chief Kamal Shah said a lot of the men listed are individuals Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a Muslim extremist group banned a year ago.The list named Asif Ramzi, a top Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leader, as wanted inside the Pearl case and in other killings. A $48,000 reward was posted.News reports quoted Pakistani Interior Minister Moinuddin Haider as saying the U.S. government will give his army five modern helicopters and three surveillance airplanes in future to help monitor the volatile border region.U.S. officials estimate that up to 1,000 al Qaeda fighters still are employed in small groups on both sides in the rugged border.A Pakistani intelligence agent, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the al Qaeda suspects arrested in the past four days included Chechens, Sudanese, Nigerians and Afghans.
Police said they found and defused six bombs in the main railway station in India's capital, New Delhi, Friday, every day after a blast on a train killed 11 people and injured 64 more in Bombay, a news agency reported.A pedestrian noticed the bombs within a plastic bag near a cab stand at the New Delhi railway station and alerted police, a police official told the Press Trust asia.No timers were connected to the explosives, but they could have been detonated by high temperatures in the sun, he said.New Delhi continues to be placed on a high alert status, with extra police on patrol, since Thursday night's explosion with a train in Bombay, India's financial hub.Meanwhile, bomb experts searched a mangled Indian train coach Friday for traces of explosives accustomed to trigger Thursday's blast in Bombay.Your analysis into the explosion Thursday at the suburban rail station centered on Islamic groups, but police declined to present further details.The attack came per day after the 10th anniversary of a series of bombings that killed greater than 250 people and injured 1,000. Those bombings were allegedly carried out by groups seeking to avenge Muslim deaths in Hindu-Muslim riots.Police increased security Friday throughout Bombay, India's commercial hub, with random searches of passengers and frequent warnings to be on the alert for suspicious packages.In New Delhi, police said say they defused six bombs at the train station, the Press Trust asia reported.The government of western Maharashtra state, which includes Bombay, said it feared there might be trouble across the anniversary of the previous bombings."We had increased security and ideally would have liked to prevent people from carrying large parcels in public areas transport. But there is a limit as to the can be disallowed," Bombay Police Commissioner Ranjit Sharma said. "The magnitude from the blast is such that I cannot reject the possibility of a terrorist strike."Most from the force from Thursday's explosion was focused on a train compartment available women.Hundreds of victims' relatives gathered at Bombay hospitals, some wailing although some sat on the floor and stared vacantly."My sister was designed to get married on Sunday. Now she's no more. I can't understand why this happened," said Laxmikant Patnaik, his shirt speckled with blood.Rajesh Shirke, an electrician injured in the explosion, was swathed in bandages. "I saw limbs and so much blood about the tracks. This I will not be able to forget," he said. ugg and jimmy choo Red clover supplements marketed as a way to relieve menopausal symptoms work no better than dummy pills at easing menopausal flashes, a study found - disappointing news for ladies seeking alternatives to hormone treatment. In the past year, studies have linked prescription hormone pills, the longtime mainstay answer to hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause, to breast cancer, heart problems, even senility. In the red clover study, 252 women ages 45 to 60 took either dummy pills, Promensil pills or Rimostil pills for 3 months. Promensil and Rimostil are dietary supplements created from red clover, which contains estrogen-like compounds called isoflavones. Promensil is marketed for warm flashes, while Rimostil is marketed for postmenopausal heart and bone health. They each cost about $15 to $25 for a month's supply. Women in all three groups reported a modest decline in hot flashes, from about eight a day to five. There were no significant unwanted effects from the red clover pills. The analysis appears in Wednesday's Journal from the American Medical Association. "It's disappointing," said lead researcher Dr. Jeffrey Tice with the University of California at Bay area. "Doctors and particularly women are looking for choices to hormone therapy." Hormones is effective in reducing hot flashes by up to 90 percent, compared with about 40 percent in debt clover-placebo study, Tice said. Mark Waring, director of clinical and technical affairs for Novogen Inc., that makes the two products and funded the study, said "it's undeniable" that women were getting relief from the products. Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman of Georgetown University said the red clover results may be partly explained by the "placebo effect" - the best way some people feel better simply because they believe to remain treated. Tice said the findings might additionally reflect the way hot flashes usually wane naturally over time. Some doctors say hormones remain the most efficient treatment for hot flashes, night sweats as well as other temporary symptoms of menopause when drawn in the lowest possible dose for your shortest possible time. Estrogen is believed to help the body's heat regulation, though exactly how it works for hot flashes is poorly understood.By Lindsey Tanner
Pope John Paul II conquered the globe stage so often, filling entire stadiums, it is easy to forget how revolutionary he was.Before him, popes rarely left the Vatican. John Paul position the Vatican on global TV, anf the husband did it kissing babies, working rope lines, and dealing the media."He loved the media," Sister Mary Ann Walsh tells CBS News correspondent Wyatt Andrews. She was obviously a Vatican reporter in John Paul's early a few years says the idea that a pope would travel and take reporters drew resistance from Vatican bureaucrats. "And the trainer told us, 'No, you can't do that, Holy Father.' Anf the husband said, 'Well, I'm the pope. I'm able to do that and I will do that.'" So John Paul, as they waved from the motorcades, knew exactly what he was doing. From your top of the Alps, to the heart of Africa, he didn't want simply to see the people where they were, but he wanted these to be seen everywhere else. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick says, "Wherever the pope was, he wasn't just talking to those in front of him. He was talking since the universal shepherd and the media was his friend. The media was his instrument." Cardinal McCarrick, the archbishop of Washington, D.C., says the pope understood how pictures had a message. So, the pope took the press to his native Poland, knowing they will shine a light on the closed communist regime. And the man forced the media to focus on earth's poor in third world nations, hoping to shine a light on those invoved with need. Asked if he believes he wanted people in the developed nations world to find out him in his ministry to the third world, Cardinal McCarrick says, "I think, clearly, he wanted us to find out the third world. 'I will bring the world to Africa. I will bring the globe to Latin America.'" This hadn't hurt that before his days as a priest, young Karol Wojtyla had been a playwright as well as an actor. "I think it gave him the best poise for the stage," Sister Walsh says. "He wasn't awed by a million people outside in front of him." At the conclusion, John Paul invited the cameras to witness his suffering; there exists unprecedented access to his final rest. It is not that he played to the camera. His gift was to play past it. Perhaps aside from Christ himself, no one has reached the flock with greater impact. ebay mulberry bags Pfc. Lynndie England will plead guilty to abusing Iraqi detainees in Abu Ghraib prison, her lawyer said late Friday, months after photos of her sexually humiliating inmates made her the face area of a scandal that damaged the credibility from the U.S. military.England will plead guilty in a military court Monday to seven of the nine counts against her: two counts of conspiracy, four counts of maltreating prisoners then one count of dereliction of duty, said Rick Hernandez, her civilian lawyer.CBS News Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen said her plea isn't surprising: the fees against England are strong, and based on solid photographic evidence."England knew that when she went to trial she had lose, based upon those photographs and regardless of what orders she received, and this way she avoids the most possible sentence, plus the further embarrassment of the trial," Cohen said. "And it's not hard to see a scenario, too, where she likes to some sort of leniency as far as punishment goes."England, a 22-year-old Army reservist who had been a clerk at the Baghdad-area prison, was scheduled to visit trial Tuesday at Fort Hood.Hernandez said the plea deal was reached Friday afternoon within a meeting with military prosecutors at Fort Hood."This is within her best interests," he was quoted saying.One count of committing indecent acts and one count of failure to obey a lawful order will probably be dismissed, Hernandez said. That will drop the utmost sentence she faces from 16 1/2 many years to 11 years, he said.England, from Fort Ashby, W.Va., was among seven members of the Maryland-based 372nd Military Police Company charged with humiliating and assaulting prisoners in the prison near Baghdad. She became a focal point of the scandal about a year ago after photos of her surfaced, include one that showed her smiling and posing with nude prisoners stacked inside a pyramid.In one notorious photo from the prison, England is shown holding a hooded, naked Iraqi prisoner on the leash. In another she's smiling and pointing in a naked detainee's genitals while a cigarette dangles through the corner of her mouth.Her lawyers had argued England among others in her unit were working on orders from military intelligence to "soften up" prisoners for interrogations. no previous page next 1/2
L. Patrick Gray, whose year-long stint as acting FBI director was marked from the Watergate break-in and the ensuing scandal that triggered President Nixon's resignation, died Wednesday. He was 88.Gray died at his home in Atlantic Beach from complications from pancreatic cancer, said his son Ed Gray, of Lyme, N.H.Just recently, Gray ended 32 many years of silence about his role from the Watergate scandal, telling a television interviewer that he had reacted with "total shock, total disbelief" to the revelation that his former deputy, W. Mark Felt, was the key Watergate source known as Deep Throat."He fooled me," said Gray. "It was like I was hit with a tremendous sledgehammer."Nixon appointed Gray, a former Justice Department official and submarine commander, acting FBI director in May 1972 — just weeks before the Watergate break-in — after the death of J. Edgar Hoover. Gray was instructed to step down in April 1973.Critics alleged he attemptedto thwart the Watergate investigation — electric power charge he denied — even as Felt was secretly feeding information to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward.When Felt was unmasked as Woodward's source greater than 30 years later, Gray said he believed the trusted deputy had been unhappy at being passed over for the top job and had talked to the Post as a way to sabotage him."I think there is a sense of revenge in his heart, and a sense of dumping my candidacy, for a moment," he told ABC.Gray was never indicted for any Watergate-related misdeeds, but descriptions of him as a Nixon loyalist who helped thwart your research and as someone the White House thought might be pushed around dogged him from the years following the scandal. He vigorously disputed the depiction."He still lowers in history as somebody who took the bidding with the White House rather than pursuing the law," Elizabeth Holtzman, associated with the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate hearings, told CBS Radio News. no previous page next 1/3 ugg classic short boots For a second straight week, Hannibal dominated this area office at theaters nationwide, reports CBS News Entertainment Contributor Laurie Hibberd in Box Office Plus. It's been an unbelievable ride for Hannibal which easily passed the $100 million mark within its second week of release. Anthony Hopkins is reportedly considering doing another sequel. This is a look at the holiday weekend numbers based on Hannibal took in $36 million, bringing its 2 week total to a tremendous $100 million. Chris Rock's comedy Right down to Earth debuted in second place with just over $20 million. Another debut, the animated movie Recess: School's Out snagged a surprising third place finish with $13.5 million. The brand new Keanu Reeves movie Sweet November along with the Oscar-nominated Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon rounded your top five.The movies that received Oscar nominations did well this weekend, including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, said Hibberd. Traffic elevated quite a bit as well. Down To Earth is among Chris Rock's first opportunities to be considered a real leading man. Hibberd thinks it remains to be seen if Rock will a leading man."I think his strength lies in his ability as a social commentator. I saw him on Regis the other day. He had buckets of material arranged, talking about Puffy, Tom and Nicole's breakup. This guy is a great social satirist. For him to quit his talk show to target solely on movies-- I think it will be interesting to see if he ultimately regrets that decision," said Hibberd. Recess: School's Out is dependant on the Nickelodeon show that's very, very well liked. "You never know what's going to happen once you take a TV show to film. But Rugrats was very popular, it's a pretty sure bet…are going to out in droves to do it," said Hibberd.©MMI Viacom Internet Services Inc., All Rights Reserved

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An assistant at Merrill Lynch & Co. has decided to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and testify against Martha Stewart while others in the federal investigation of stock sales in ImClone Systems recently, The Wall Street Journal reported in Thursday's editions.Prosecutors had sought to charge the assistant, Douglas Faneuil, which has a felony for making false statements to investigators, but later opted for a misdemeanor in exchange for his cooperation, the newspaper said, citing people acquainted with the discussions. The charge is anticipated to be filed within days.Meanwhile, the stock of Martha Stewart's media empire fell sharply as soon as the announcement of Faneuil's plea. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia declined 7.7 percent, or 60 cents a share, to close at $7.20 on the New York Stock Exchange.Through his lawyer, Faneuil declined to comment, as did the U.S. attorney's office in Nyc, the Journal said. A spokeswoman for Stewart declined to comment, but also in the past she has denied wrongdoing.Merrill Lynch handled Stewart's sale of nearly 4,000 ImClone shares in late December, shortly ahead of the company announced that federal regulators wouldn't normally review the company's cancer drug, Erbitux.Stewart has stated she had a standing order along with her broker, Peter Bacanovic — for whom Faneuil worked — to trade the ImClone shares if they fell below $60. Faneuil, 26, initially gave investigators precisely the same account, but later changed his story and said there was no such order.The misdemeanor charge involves a great gift Faneuil accepted from Bacanovic, something for the order of theater tickets, to acquire corroborating the account concerning the stop-loss order to the federal investigators.It isn't really certain that charges will be filed against Stewart, and individuals familiar with the investigation said no charges are "imminent," the newspaper said."This improves their probability of bringing a prosecution against Martha Stewart, since they have a live witness," said former federal prosecutor Seth Farber. "You wouldn't get into a plea agreement with this type — at least this office wouldn't — unless they're moving forward with the investigation." Faneuil's plea deal, which remains subject to change, will not be final until it is entered in federal court. Stewart would be a contributor to the CBS News Early Show before scandal broke last spring. ugg boots black Some could argue that the real action in the Academy Awards each year is what proceeds outside the Shrine Auditorium, on the catwalk, more formally known as the red carpet.That's where the celebrities parade their most important statements of fashion of the year, and where style experts train a pointy eye, looking for the biggest hits and misses.Joining The first Show with the fashion post mortem were resident style guru David Evangelista and Suze Yalof Schwartz, Glamour magazine's executive fashion editor at large.Evangelista's biggest raves went to Michelle Williams. "Thank you, fashion gods. You sent someone that took a risk last night," he said. "She looked beautiful in the marigold Vera Wang. The jewellery was spot on, the vintage Harry Winston. Your hair was to complete perfection. The lipstick was perfect. It turned out a confection of perfection."While Schwartz have also been a fan of Williams' look, her best-dressed pick was Keira Knightley, nominated for "Pride & Prejudice," who also wore Vera Wang, inside a wine-color with a vintage Bulgari necklace."She appeared to be a princess," said Schwartz. "Every single guy's jaw dropped. Each and every woman wanted to look like her."As for Felicity Huffman, nominated for optimum actress for her role in "Transamerica," Evangelista wasn't an enormous fan of the plunging Zac Posen gown and thought your hair was too matronly, but Schwartz thought Huffman was obviously a runner-up for best dressed."I thought it was the top she ever looked like in their life," she said.Both guests agreed that Charlize Theron, nominated for the best actress for "North Country," was one of the night's biggest fashion flops, within a deep green John Galliano, with a billowing bow on her shoulder."She was probably carrying a marching band under that shoulder. The bow was overwhelming," said Evangelista, who also criticized her hairstyle. "Someone must have teased it and never brushed it out. I expected more. I do believe Charlize tripped a little last night with regards to the fashion meter."And while Theron may have missed the mark, the very worst dressed person of the night, according to both style mavens, was Helena Bonham Carter, who wore a below the knee blue dress with white pumps."That outfit and the hair — disaster," said Schwartz. "And the white shoes. I mean, 'Glamour don't' written all over her forehead." no previous page next 1/2
When she started for Kmart, she says told them "which drugs I don't dispense." cheap ugg bailey button boots Marine Cpl. Brent Gross was one of the primary ground troops to cross into Iraq. He has also been among the first allied casualties to be taken out of that country after he stepped with a landmine. Cpl. Gross is recovering at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Maryland from which he told The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith the way it all happened. He had experienced Iraq only hours, he stated. "We were clearing bunkers in Southern Iraq, and that i had left my troops inside track, and when I returned to get them, I got them out of the track, told them to follow me and be careful. I turned around and took about three steps and I heard a loud explosion. "I searched and I kind of wondered a few things i was doing on the ground that is certainly when I noticed my feet were, boots were kind of blown up, torn out from the top, and then they came and got me and put me an a casualty Evac truck and informed me I had stepped on a landmine," Cpl. Gross said. His fianc?? saw his photograph on a article on the Internet, and passed this news to his family. "When she faxed picture I couldn't really see the picture therefore we looked it up on the Internet and certainly, I blew the picture up, printed it, and it certainly looked like him," says his father, Larry Gross. Thirty minutes later, the family got a call from the Marine Corps saying Cpl. Gross was wounded. Asked how he is holding up mentally, Cpl. Gross said it has been hard. "It's a little hard to keep track of things. I'd rather be in Iraq with the rest of my troops and my friends than to be here in the states. Therefore it is a little rough."Gross, 26, has served inside the Marines for almost four years and was scheduled to become discharged in six months.Dr. David Ferguson says, "he's making an outstanding recovery." Cpl. Gross had surgery on his foot on Saturday and definately will have to have more surgery. Regarding a long-term prognosis Dr. Ferguson says it is too early to tell. "But we're very encouraged by how he's doing at this point."
Kamato Hongo, a Japanese woman thought to have been the world's oldest person, died Friday. She was 116.Born in 1887, Hongo was recognized as the world's oldest by the Guinness Book of Records after as a famous woman — Maude Farris-Luse — died in March at the age of 115.Her doctor, Kiyoshige Niina, said she died of pneumonia.Hongo was famous throughout Japan on her behalf habit of sleeping for two days then staying awake for two days.She'd been hospitalized in Kagoshima, around the southern island of Kyushu on Oct. 8, after complaining of loss of appetite and fever. She gave the impression to have been recovering when her condition worsened Friday, Niina told a news conference.Raised on a small, rural island on Japan's southern fringe, Hongo spent my childhood years tending cows and farming potatoes. Exactly the same island also produced the Japanese record-holder for longevity, a man, Shigechiyo Izumi, who died in 1986 on the age of 120.Hongo's death comes a bit more than a month after the man regarded as the world's oldest also died in Japan.Yukichi Chuganji, a retired silkworm breeder, died at his home at the end of September at age 114.Chuganji was born March 23, 1889 within the farming town of Chikushino also on Japan's southernmost main island of Kyushu. Hongo and Chuganji's deaths symbolized the graying of Japan's society — a trend that elicits both pride and concern.There are an estimated 20,000 Japanese much older than 100, and women make up about Eighty percent of the total.Japan's life expectancy could be the longest in the world for both sexes — 85.23 years for ladies and 78.32 males in 2002. The country's traditional fish-based, low-fat diet would be the secret to the long lives, researchers say.A yearly government survey released in 2010 in conjunction with Respect for the Aged Day, a national holiday, showed an archive 24.3 million Japanese — almost one in five — have reached their 65th birthday.Concurrently, Japan marked a record low 1.32 births per woman this past year, a figure that been falling the past three decades and reflects changing values which may have led more women to select careers over children.The changing demographic has raised fears the country's pension and health care systems is going to be badly strained in the years ahead by a population consisting of fewer people of working and taxpaying age.It had not been immediately clear who earth's oldest person was following Hongo's death. Japan's Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said Mitoyo Kawate of Hiroshima — 114 years — became the oldest person in the united states. ultimate ugg boots Massachusetts scientists have cloned six cows that demonstrate none of the premature aging reported for Dolly the sheep.Scientists say the surprising finding shows the 7-month old cows, Lily, Daffodil, Crocus, Forsythia, and Rose, all have cells that appear to be as young as cells of newborn calves.Researchers on the biotechnology company Advanced Cell Technologies are convinced that the cells of the cloned cows manage to age even slower than usual cows. When cloned, cow cells were put in a lab dish. They divided greater than 90 times before dying, the study reported.All chromosomes have protective tips called telomeres that prevent a cell's genetic code from fraying in this cellular division. But each and every time the cell divides, the telomere turns into a little shorter. It eventually becomes way too short to protect the chromosome, so the cell cannot divide and eventually dies.Researchers the cow clones have incredibly long telomeres. They are something in their system created telomere growth.Chief scientist, Dr. Robert Lanza said, "There's an opportunity these could be the longest-lived cows on this planet."Dolly was the first large animal to get cloned from genetic material obtained from an adult cell. She seems healthy. But this past year, scientists discovered her telomeres were too short, while she was just three years old. Her genetic material was aging at the rate of the six-year-old sheep that she was cloned.Not just did that suggest Dolly could age and sicken prematurely, it meant any cloned cells eventually developed as medical treatments could possibly be too old to last in your body and fight disease.If even very old cells can have their "aging clock" essentially rewound, then scientists might eventually be able to clone customized replacement tissues for patients being affected by diabetes, Parkinson's or other diseases, say experts on cellular aging.But no-one will know that for years, cautioned Thoru Pederson, a cellular biologist in the University of Massachusetts School of medicine. After all, cows typically live Twenty years, and there's more to aging than the cellular characteristic the company is investigating."It's important never to overdramatize this as a 'fountain of youth' thing," stressed one of the nation's leading experts on cellular aging, Jerry Shay with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.Instead, Shay says, the study provides "the first very dramatic proof" that people's early cells could one day be rejuvenated for tissue engineering. Cells can divide only a certain number of times before they die -- about 70 times for human cells and around 60 times for cows."This is good news," said Huber Warner, associate director from the National Institute on Aging. "This says telomeres could be repaired."
This column was written by Eric Alterman. Casual observers of cable news programming might be forgiven for if Christianity is a religion characterized by a toxic mix of ignorant belligerence and whiny self-pity. Turn on Joe Scarborough's MSNBC show, and you really are likely to be greeted by a lunatic named William Donohue, president of something referred to as the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, who complains that "Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity normally and Catholicism in particular," which "Hollywood likes anal sex." In the 2004 election campaign, he has been heard lamenting that John Kerry "never found an abortion he couldn't justify" and attacking the publishing niche for its cover-up of the "gay death style." In a more recent Scarborough appearance, Donohue returned to his favorite topic, explaining to viewers that many in "Hollywood" — which, remember, is controlled by you-know-who — love money so much they would happily "sodomize their own mother" onscreen. In a less flamboyant though more revealing episode a year ago, CNN's star anchor, Wolf Blitzer, questioned traitorous right-winger Robert Novak and liberal Paul Begala about the death of Pope John Paul II. Blitzer opened the segment by suggesting even though "I am sure Bob is a good Catholic, That's not me so sure about Paul Begala." Novak converted from Judaism for an Opus Dei form of Catholicism, while Begala was raised within the faith, remains devout and even named his eldest child John Paul. Whilst asked Blitzer, "Well, now, who are you to definitely pass moral judgment on my small religion, Mr. Blitzer ... on the day of my Holy Father's funeral?" adding, "I do not think anybody should presume a liberal is not a good Catholic" and "The Holy Father is liberal. ... The Holy Father bitterly opposed President Bush's war in Iraq. He found St. Louis – and I was there – and that he begged America to give up the death penalty. President Bush strongly supports it, as did President Clinton while others. Many of the Holy Father's views, my church's views, are extraordinarily liberal. What i'm saying is, the Pope talked about savage, unbridled capitalism, not Bob Novak's capitalism." The CNN anchor instructed Begala, "Don't be so sensitive," like he had unflatteringly critiqued Begala's makeup.The moronic degree of cable discourse notwithstanding, missing from nearly all discussions of the role of religion in public areas life is what William James famously termed the "varieties of religious experience." The right-wing hijacking of religion's public role in our political discourse is as undeniable because it is inappropriate, and represents one of liberalism's most serious problems. Inside the 2005 election, Virginia Democrat Tim Kaine managed to win the governor's mansion once the former Catholic missionary convinced skeptical voters that one can be both Christian and anti-death penalty. "My faith teaches me life's sacred," Kaine said, fighting off the accusation that he would be a dreaded "liberal." no previous page next 1/2 mulberry roxanne bag Joan Gellis is happy about her results.
Remember that big kid who always shoved get you started of the way, during musical chairs? It wasn't your imagination. That innocent kindergarten game was encouraging aggressive tendencies, in accordance with a children's group's study, entitled Perfectly into a Nonviolent Society.CBS News Correspondent Kimberly Dozier reports case study was launched by Britain's Education Minister Margaret Hodge, but she's now distancing herself from it, after outraged complaints from hordes of angry parents. The pamphlet's author Sue Finch says games like musical chairs reward just the strongest and the fastest."A bit of competition is fine, but with musical chairs competition is not fair because it is always the greatest and strongest children who win," Finch was quoted as saying. "Musical statues is better because everybody wins."Theresa May, education spokeswoman for your opposition Conservative Party, slammed the booklet and Hodge for launching it, saying it was "political correctness gone mad.""Children have played and enjoyed it for decades," May said with the game.©2000 CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved. These components may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Reuters contributed to this report ugg adirondack boot ii U.S. warships carrying thousands of sailors came to Hong Kong on Monday within the biggest port call since a spy plane crisis strained ties between Beijing and Washington.Beijing barred U.S. port calls following NATO's bombing in the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999 and again after the U.S. spy plane collided with a Chinese fighter jet in April, killing china pilot and causing a major U.S.-Chinese standoff.The appearance of the aircraft carrier USS Constellation was good news for merchants who depend upon military visits for a substantial percentage of their profits. Beijing's decision, however, came days after China barred another spy plane, the U.S. Navy's P-3C Orion patrol plane, from landing.“Maybe we'll are having issues again,” said Roger Sabnani, who runs Sabs China Ltd. gift shop from the Fleet Arcade, a waterfront mall catering to foreign sailors. Learn more about U.S.-China relations. But permission to the Constellation to visit, following port calls by two small anti-mine ships in July, has been seen as another sign Beijing is moving beyond the spy plane crisis. The Constellation and six other warships, carrying about 6,500 sailors, are in Hong Kong on the port call that ends Saturday.Hong Kong is certainly a favored port of call for the U.S. military but Beijing's approval has been required since July 1, 1997, when Britain handed this former colony returning to China. Click here to look back on the spy plane incident. One of the first servicemen who came ashore said he was willing to start shopping — but that he had no comment on the political controversies.“I'm glad being here,” said David Preswood, an aviation ordnance chief from Brenham, Texas. “Hong Kong is one of my favorite places.”Fleet Arcade merchants said optimism in the warship visit outweighed any worries in regards to the Navy plane that was driven out.“Business will be much better,” said Lily Wong, a saleswoman at the Balco Diamond jewelry shop. “In the past almost a year, almost no ships came, so business has been dead.”© MMI Viacom Internet Services Inc. All Rights Reserved. These toppers may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press brought about this report
Police are investigating claims which a teacher's aide punished at least five first-grade students by taping their hands, head or mouth with duct tape while a tutor was in the classroom.The volunteer teacher's aide as well as the teacher had not been charged Wednesday, Miami-Dade public schools police said. Your analysis is ongoing.The volunteer was sent home and the teacher was temporarily reassigned yesterday to a district office through the investigation, school district spokesman Mayco Villafana said. The teacher allegedly is at the classroom when the children were taped."The principal decided to bring in the police department approach everyone and see what's there," Villafana said. "Right now, it's only an allegation."Attorney Jorge Silva told CBS News Correspondent Peter King his 6-year-old client has severe asthma, and just his crying saved him from his mouth being taped;"Had he not been crying so inconsolably they well may have taped him and the man very well may have choked," the lawyer said.Silva said the boy's parents, Judy and Pedro Hereu, discovered the punishment from other parents, then were shocked to understand their son also ended up punished.Judy Hereu said her 6-year-old son explained how tape was wrapped round his torso and the back of the chair, pinning his elbows to his side."My client, the mom of the child, became physically ill," Silva said. "She began to vomit."Silva said he intends on taking civil and criminal action.Police received the first complaint Sept. 11. Officials estimate the clean-up cost can be $50 million for just one county, as outlined by one of the study's authors. "It's been commonly asserted it's not a matter of if it's gonna come, but when," says Dan Coates, researcher.

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Posted 24 November 2013 - 11:53 PM

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